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Web design that will ensnare your client

First impression is the last impression. A visitor judges the potential of an
organization from its website. United Sol provides you the most captivating
and professional websites for attracting customers.

User friendly interface
Incredible website graphic designs
Mobile/Responsive Website Design
SEO Friendly
Bleeding edge, competitive web blueprints

Ingredients of Our Website Design Service, Bangladesh

SEO Friendly

A website that has a position on the internet is undoubtedly more conspicuous in the eyes of the consumer than a random website on the 4th or 5th page of search results. By nature, customers tend to open website presented on the top results. Hence, we make sure through our SEO solutions, that your website gets the position it deserves on top of all its competitors in the industry, right into the spot light.


Learning from the study conducted in 2008 by Aberdeen Group that customers tend to abandon website if it fails to open within three seconds of loading time, we deliver Speedy loading time unparallel on the internet to make sure your conversions are safe and secure. We also understand the need of websites to contain more data with the passage time due to increasing corporate size and technological advancement. We make sure these aspects remain fully functional with 100% performance without any delayed loading or speed fluctuation.

Mobile/Responsive Design

A website is as strong as its weakest link, and that link is the absence of mobile responsive design. As technology tends to formidably wipe out its outdated innovations, we make sure that your website thrives with the latest ones. Mobile devices, tablets and PDAs are everywhere and their users are growing as you breathe. Getting your message into the mobile world is imperative and with our responsive website designs can get your reach to the neglected fringes of the mobile community. Increase your conversions and interact with your customers faster and easier than ever.

Ease of Use

Aside from all the glamour and sunshine that makes a website appealing for the customer, the aspect of user friendliness must never be sidelined. We give website the ease of use from the front and the back end without compromising the visual allure of the web page. There is nothing frustrating than arriving on a website that has no navigation structure or has overly complicated content with lack of multimedia features. We take this very seriously and integrate the best designs and templates for customers ease and a simple yet professional back end that you can adore.

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